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The Work of Dr Parveen Ali and Her Response to Covid-19 (Summer 2020)


Excellence Beyond Borders 

In these unprecedented times Dr Parveen Ali has pushed for “excellence beyond borders” in providing clear information, potential solutions and prevention techniques of Covid-19. 


Alongside Dr Parveen’s role as healthcare co-lead for UPSIGN, she is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. She is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife (Pakistan) Registered Nurse Teacher, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Her research focuses on gender-based violence, domestic violence and abuse, inequalities in health, related to gender and ethnicity, and health care professionals’ preparation. As a British Pakistani, a health care professional and a nurse academic, she is interested in improving the lives of marginalised people in Pakistan and the UK.


Dr Parveen Ali, UPSIGN core team.




‘The Health Show’ is a radio show that Dr Parveen presents every Friday 11am to 12 pm on Linkfm96.7 She has been presenting the show for two years addressing the southeast asian speaking audience, conducting her shows in, Urdu, a popular southeast asian language. The show aims to  explain various health issues and conditions in simple and easy to understand language. During past few months of Covid-19 she, along with other invited healthcare professionals has been providing clear, simple advice to her listeners on how to address the pandemic.

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She has been guiding them on what questions they need to ask their doctors regarding the virus, when one should seek medical help as well as focussing on the mental health repercussions of the pandemic and effective coping strategies.

To listen to her show please click here 

Previous episodes are available here 

The launch of ‘Remote Digital Volunteer Psychological Services’.

This initiative delivers another key remediation of the pandemic: the psychological impact of COVID-19. Ranging from: means to raising positivity in these tough times, to coping with loss and grief, to psychological assistance in situations where domestic abuse has fostered as a result of social distancing and quarantine. 


Facilitation of a free Sheffield University online course - ‘Resources for upskilling the workforce - Covid-19’.  Click here to access. This course provides an abundance of easily accessible information regarding covid-19 and access to PPE etc. 


Within Sheffield University she worked with  Health Education England to coordinate free webinars for people joining the healthcare force, of which she delivers up to three sessions a day providing online training and advice. She also worked with fellow healthcare professionals to develop the official guidelines of Pakistan for Covid-19 whereby spreading awareness of the virus and means to prevent it. 

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parveen covi nursing.jpg

The UPSIGN Covid-19 WhatsApp group: 


This is a discussion group consisting over over 100 members from across the world to talk about the pandemic. Dr Parveen describes the group as:“an interdisciplinary group consisting of academics, professionals and researchers from the UK and Pakistan; providing them with a platform to communicate with each other, develop ideas and solutions, form collaborations and share resources regarding covid-19”. This group has provided a useful platform for people in professions other than healthcare who still wish to contribute to the combat of the virus. For example engineers have joined to the group seeking the advice of medical professionals regarding how to design hospital ventilators for those suffering from Covid-19. [PA1] 

Dr Parveen's efforts in both tackling and preventing further spread of the Coronavirus and her dedication to improving mental health regarding the pandemic have not gone unnoticed. The UPSIGN team are fully supportive of her initiatives and together we shall continue to fight this Pandemic.

 [PA1]Also did and do webinars aiming at healthcare professionals and academics on research related topics and COVID19 and health care issues?

To join UPSIGN's Whatsapp groups, including the Covid-19 group, Click here.


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