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Day 1 Webinar: Grow, Nourish and Sustain Together- Food Security.  

30th Nov. 2020, 09:30-11:00 am GMT / 14:30-16:00 pm PST

Global population growth coupled to the effects of climate change, has impacted on food production and provision, therefore, it is more important than ever to focus on food security. This interactive webinar explored the challenges and opportunities to develop of sustainable food production, capacity building and innovative solutions for improving food security.

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On Day 1, Food security with key theme of Nourish, Grow and Sustain together led by Dr Khalid Mahmood (UPSIGN Agri Food Co-lead), discussed the challenges faced by Food Security in Pakistan. Prof Mukhtar Ahmad former chairman of HEC chaired the session giving the background of Pakistan food security facing the challenge from climate change. Dr Khalid Mahmood, emphasised the need for a system approach to address food security, food safety and nutrition. Ms Shandana Gulzar Khan (Member Pakistan National Assembly and chair on subcommittee agriculture products) shared her thoughts on govt policy to support commercialisation of agriculture sector and role of research collaborations.  Prof Mumtaz Cheema (Memorial University) covered the importance of smallholder farmers that play a key role in meeting the food demands of a growing population.

Prof Nicola Lowe delivered a “Systems Thinking” approach to addressing malnutrition in Pakistan which Pakistan is facing 45% children under the age of 5 years.  Prof Lisa Boden from University of Edinburgh and Dr Ayesha Riaz discussed a One Health approach, which focuses on improving contingency planning for endemic, zoonotic and emerging novel infectious diseases.


The panel was chaired by Prof Asif Ali, VC, MNSU, Multan,  the panel members were Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan, chairman, Pakistan Agri Research Council(PARC), Prof Bob Rees, Scottish Rural University College(SRCU), Dr Simon Holland(Al-Qaswa Innovation), Ayesha Ahmed (PakAgriMarket), Aysha Gulzar (JE Austin), Prof Muhammad Imran(University of Glasgow). The panellists discussed the need to adopt Climate smart agriculture, digital technologies and the role  that women are playing in agriculture production.

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