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About UPSIGN Network 

UPSIGN's Mission


UPSIGN (UK Pakistan Science and Innovation Global Network)  was set up in 2017 and consists of a group of ove 250 educated professionals globally who are dedicated to raising awareness and develop solutions to tackle various social and economic challenges that are faced by people of Pakistani origin in Pakistan and UK. 

UPSIGN's Mission

1) Overseas; Addressing Pakistan’s Global Challenges; working with Pakistani stakeholders (Government, universities, public and private organisations, the business sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), etc.) to facilitate knowledge transfer and capacity building. 


2)  UK Mission; mentoring, supporting and educating UK-based British Pakistanis (and Pakistanis Overseas). This includes organising a number of events and activities in the United Kingdom.



UPSIGN's membership is free.


 There are two levels of membership: 

1. Ordinary Member (on newsletter mailing list) 

Active member (as above and also involved in delivering our objectives) 

Click on the JOIN US button on the website or contact our secretariat.  

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