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Organising an UPSIGN Webinar/ Event


UPSIGN Organises webinars and events throughout the year. These are mainly orgnaised by the leads and co-leads who can be found on the following link.  They work in close cooperation with the UPSIGN media volunteer team who are assinged to help the organiser to sort out the branding and messaging for the event.  

If you are interested in organsing an event in a specific relevant topic area, then  you can contact one of the leads in that area or you can contact the UPSIGN chair or deputy chair.  If they agree, then you should  do the following;

Download the following form and template and carefully fill it in, meeting all the guidelines.  Read the instructions on the form and send the form and template below to the persons indicated in the word form.


Your documents will be checked and you will be allocated a media lead who will support you in helping with media matters and getting publicity.  This person will not be there in other matters for which you are repsonsible.


You would still be in overall charge to arrange speakers ad chairs and other things and making sure that the event runs to time and is run to the highest standards.

Disclaimer: All events and speakers and topics must be relevant to the upsign mission and secular / non political ideals.

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