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Group 6; Economic Growth (NEW)


This group is led by Dr Farooq Shah and Dr Shahid Rasul (Northumbria University) and the group will facilitate the following

  • merge expertise from academia and industry

  • having discussion and sharing best practice on- Knowledge Economy (Translation, & innovation to developing products, services & solutions)-

  • Circular Economy (Utilizing all resources throughout the production chain, reducing waste and emissions) -

  • Training and Knowledge Exchange between UK and Pakistan stakeholders-

  • Supporting industry for sustainable economic growth through indigenous R&D


CORE GROUP 6: UPSIGN EVENTS [ to be added here in due course]

Want to become an active member of UP-SIGN's Economic Growth Group

You can sign up for a free membership here, and indicate your special interest. 


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Join the UP-SIGN Whatsapp group on Economic Growth. Please click here to read our terms and conditions before joining. 

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