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We Organise Events in the UK and in Pakistan


UPSIGN organises a number of events, from one day symposia, workshops, public outreach events and talks.  We are connecting to the general public as well as academics and students to talk about the global challenges faced by Pakistanis and the disapora.   

UK EVENTS AND MEETINGS: Click here to see more.

They are also an excellent way to network and connect with the Pakistani diaspora.  We have hosted talks, symposia and events to discuss and address the challenges faced by the diaspora and in iissues including can have impact ay scale overseas. 

PAKISTAN EVENTS: Click here to see more.

Many of our core team and members regularly travel to Paksitan and are involved in capcity building, lectures, organising training and symposia. 

HELP US TO ORGANISE EVENTS: We are always looking for people to organise outreach events and seminars for the general public and for academics in the UK and overseas.  If you are a UPSIGN active member and would like to organise a local event, please email Farzana below

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