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Group 5; Artificial Intelligence and Digital


This group is led by Professor Ashiq Anjum who has been coordinating Pakistani and UK academics to support the large investments that have been make by the Pakistani stakeholders

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

It is the process of machines learning and making decisions similarly to humans. There are many types of artificial intelligence including machine learning, where instead of being programmed what to think, machines can observe, analyse and learn from data and mistakes just like our human brains can.

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What UPSIGN is Doing ?

The scientific leadership in Pakistan is committed to transform the society into a knowledge economy where technology and innovation will play an important role. UPSIGN shares the vision and core objectives of this scientific, innovative and transformation imitative in Pakistan. We will provide every possible support to make this initiative realising its full potential and producing a sustainable research environment in Pakistan in setting up The Centre of Excellence in AI and Machine Learning.

UP-SIGN'S 4 Points to a Sustainable and Successful Centre of Excellence in AI: 

  1. Rapid exchange of research ideas - We need to work in cycles of weeks to transform ideas into research papers, products and services. This is only possible when there is a constant flow and exchange of ideas.

  2. Staff development and retention - emerging technologies such AI need human resources who are well placed to grasp ideas and provide technical leadership to transform them into innovative research outcomes. They need to be locally trained, constantly developed and then suitable measures need to be taken to retain them.

  3. Exploitation of research Ideas - we need to produce an environment where ideas are regularly transformed into impactful and innovative research within academia and industry.

  4. Sustainability -We need to diversify our income streams, internationalise the research and at the same time explore other indigenous resources to make sure that momentum is maintained.

How can you get Involved in UPSIGNs group in AI?

On this website you can join the UPSIGN AI whatsapp group and start a conversation with the leads and you can also sign up as a member (free) and indicate your special interest.

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