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UPSIGN Newsletter


From February 2020 you will be able to sign up as a member to get the regular UPSIGN Newsletter that will confirm your membership and keep you updated on news, events, workshops and highlighted work of UPSIGN in the UK and Pakistan.

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NEWSLETTER 1: Spring 2020 (Welcome to UPSIGN and work of IRCBM highlighted); click here.

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NEWSLETTER 2:Summer 2020 (Global Development Workshops in Pakistan and Covid-19 response); click here.


NEWSLETTER 3: Winter 20/ Spring 21 (Annual Conference webinars and more); click here.

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NEWSLETTER 4: Summer 21 (HEC Crisis, volunteering and key report files) ; click here.


NEWSLETTER 5: Autumn 21 ( "Global Graduates Programme" and a new collaboration between the University of Leicester & Allama Iqbal Open University) ; click here.


How can you get Involved in UPSIGN?

On this website you can join the UPSIGN whatsapp groups and start a conversation with the leads and you can also sign up as a member (free) and indicate your special interest.

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