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UPSIGN Online Training

COVID-19 and Nursing Education: Innovations and Challenges (August 2020)
by  Professor Parveen Ali (UPSIGN Healthcare co-lead)

HEC webinar: What Makes a Successful International Proposal & Practical Consortia Considerations (July 2020)
by  Professor Jawwad Darr (UPSIGN Chair)

Pakistan's Global Graduates (Pilot 2021)

Workshop 1: Critical Thinking Skills
by Dr Adeela Shafi

Workshop 2: Networking and Interpersonal Skills by Professor Jawwad Darr (UPSIGN chair)

Workshop 3: Academic Writing Skills
by Professor Parveen Ali (UPSIGN Healthcare co-lead)

Workshop 4: Presentation Skills by Madiha Sajid (UPSIGN Education Lead)

 Workshop 5: Intercultural Global Competence (IGCC) by  Ms Maria Hussain

 Workshop 6: CV Writing & Interview Skills by Madiha Sajid (UPSIGN Education Lead)

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