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2020 Workshop Dinners with HEC and with BC


As part of the Global Development Workshops 2020, a dinner was hosted at the higher Education Commission (HEC) for the participants on the 9th March.  The HEC chairman Dr Tariq Banuri  emphasised the power of the UNSDGs in Pakistan’s fight for the eradication of poverty.

Professor Jawwad Darr gave special thanks to Tariq Banuri for hosting  the participants at the HEC. He also thanked UKRI and Professor Nicola Lowe for collaborating with UPSIGN in enabling the Global development Workshops 2020. 

Dr Parveen Ali, UPSIGN's Healthcare co-lead spoke about the aims of UPSIGN and how we strive to connect academics and policy makers from the Pakistani diaspora to enable Pakistan to fulfil the UNSDGs. 

For more photos from the event, click here

Image captions: (top collage) Speakers at HEC Dinner: (top left to right) Dr Parveen Ali, Dr Khalid Mahmood, Prof. Nicola Low (bottom left to right) Higher Education Commissioner Tariq Banuri, Prof. Jawwad Darr. 

(bottom image, from left to right) UPSIGN's Madiha Sajid, Ana Raashed, UKRI's Prof. Nicola Lowe, Higher Education Commissioner Tariq Banuri, UPSIGN's Riaz Hassan and Dr Parveen Ali.


On the evening of Wednesday, 11 March 2020, the remaining workshop attendees were hosted by the British Council for a dinner at the Marriott hotel. British Council Director  for Pakistan Amir Ramzan spoke in appreciation of the work of both UPSIGN and UKRI in light of the workshops.

For more photos from the event, click here

Image caption (left): Speakers at dinner; Dr Khalid Mahmood, Fazilda Nabeel, Prof. Nicola Lowe, Dr Syed Zaidi, Prof. Jawwad Darr, Amir Ramazan. (right) dinner guests from the workshops.

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