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Pakistan Energy Workshop Dec 2017


Pakistan Workshop on Electrochemical Energy Storage; Mapping Expertise and Horizon Scanning” 21st Dec 2017, Islamabad


This event was organised by Prof Jawwad Darr and UPSIGN energy team and held at COMSATS islamabad campus and involved lectures and a workshop.


Some key questions that were addresssed on the day

1. Identify the current major researchers/capabilities/networks in Pakistan on energy storage, e.g. USAID energy centres. 

2. What the priorities are for Pakistan in energy storage?, e.g. hybrid transport, to replace UPS in homes?, new lighting and energy storage for villages or disaster hit regions? 

3. What industries are working with academics and what certified testing is going on ? 

4. What natural resources might be exploitable locally for local manufacture of batteries? manufacture vs assemble? 

5. What training is available worldwide for energy storage Phds etc. 

6. What future facilities / infrastructure / trained researchers are needed in Pakistan to be self-sufficient in developing energy storage research? what topics can contribute now? electrical engineering, software, etc. 

7. What associated expertise is required or will it stimulate? recycling? Solar based processes that can run 24h with energy storage (e.g. creating of clean drinking water in remote areas) 

8. What are the opportunities for frugal innovation (entrepreneurialism) or social enterprises in this field e.g. spinouts?   

9. What funding or resource is possible to move things forward (including overseas development funding) ? 

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