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Day 3 Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation from Pakistani & UK Universities

Wednesday 2nd Dec 2020: 9.30 am GMT or 14.30 pm PST)

Despite Pakistan’s desire to develop science and technology using the knowledge economy, why are Pakistani universities particular in the public sector, struggling to translate university based research for the benefit of the nation and create more jobs and wealth?  What are the challenges and opportunities of the current situation ? and what can be done to support it better. 

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The webinar was opened by the Chair Dr Farooq Shah who shared messages of goodwill from Faisal Sultan, Christian Turner (UK high commissioner Islamabad) Muhammad Ayub (Deputy High Commissioner PHC London).  The plenary talk was given by Prof Atta ur Rehman spoke about recent and forthcoming knowledge economy projects which are underway and spoke of “the importance of translational research through policies and creation of creative skills for high value exports”.  Prof. Shoab Khan spoke about “bridging the gap” between industry and academia and the importance of mentoring young entrepreneurs. The final speaker Prof Jawwad Darr discussed the way in which UK universities  help academics along the journey from invention to exploitation and how many of the leading universities are more “flexible” approach to managing IP developed in the university. 



 After the talks, the speakers and Chair were joined by three panel members of Dr Shah Rukh Abbas (NUST), Dr Aqif Chaudhry (COMSATS Islamabad) and Dr Sara Saeed Khurram (Ceo Sehat Kahani) shared perspectives on how industry should better link to universities, options for translating research.  The panel also felt we should do more to support female entrepreneurs who need mentors in industry and that the is a distinct lack of knowledge and support on how companies can spin out from public sector universities with the founders taking the lead.



In his closing remarks, Prof Darr and Dr Farroq Shah thanked the speakers, participants and attendees of the webinar and urged them to continue to help to develop pathways which will lead to job creation from translation of university research.  They also thanked and reminded the audience of the various ways in which they could connect via UPSIGNs website and also the WhatsApp groups and participation in online events.

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