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UPSIGN Webinar on Women in Leadership


This UPSIGN webinar highlights the leadership journey of two inspiring Pakistani women. Bringing to you their reflections, personal experiences and journey of leadership.


  • Dr Maryam Rab (Director, British Council)

  • Bushra Zulfiqar (Global Education Director, Save the Children) 


Organised by: Madiha Sajid (Education Lead, UPSIGN & ICL)


Key take away:

Women across the world have made significant progress in their journeys to leadership. They are problem solvers, strategic leaders, mentors, planners, decision makers and more.


Women are now more involved in decision making processes than before, from politics to business, classroom to boardroom. Yet, the journey to leadership for many women is not straight forward. There are various challenges, societal norms, family expectations, self-imposed limits and structural barriers that women must navigate.


Still, there is a need to drive change in Pakistan. This includes poverty reduction programmes, workspaces that are inclusive, equal rights and privileges for women and girls. As well as providing access to education, healthcare, justice system and economic opportunities.

What advice would you give to other women who aspire to become leaders in their fields?  

  1. Learn a new skill: We should all be willing to develop & learn by acquiring new skills or challenging ourselves on a regular basis.

  2. Get a mentor: It will help develop and maintain a broader perspective on career options and opportunities.

  3. Join a board: This will help you to make the right connections and career choices to take on a board role as a non-executive director or a trustee.

Maryam Rab - British council.jpg

4. Grow your network: One of the most important tools for your growth as a leader and as an individual. Focus on your existing networks at work, reach out to other teams, update your social media profile particularly LinkedIn.

5. Lastly, believe in yourself, do not be afraid to take chances, and take every opportunity which comes to you. You will be surprised where life will take you!

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