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 Improving Girl's Education

Dr Tamjid Mujtaba is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Education (IOE), University College London (UCL). Her background is in Psychology & Education.

As a British Pakistani woman herself, Tamjid's experiences have shaped her to be who she is today. Her research has a personal resonance. She understands the impact of perceptions of girls in a minority group on their aspirations and achievements. The clash between both the Western and Pakistani cultures which bring their unique pressures, norms and expectations.

Her research focuses on girl’s attainment in science and why some girls are more likely to progress than others. Many different factors affect attainment such as socio-economic status & faith as well as local authority based interventions. Through her work, she looks at girls’ aspirations, perceptions and strives to improve girl’s education both in the UK and globally.

She has conducted several research projects both in the UK & Pakistan which a few are outlined below.

Interest & Aspirations in Chemistry

One of her biggest projects is with the Royal Society of Chemistry. A longitudinal study looking at university-led interventions to boost interest and aspirations in Chemistry. Through this data, she will be able to look at the impact on ethnic minority groups, particularly on Muslim girls in science.

Understanding the Barriers

Another project in conjunction with Dr. Mohammed Anwar from Lahore will have two branches. The first will look at the girl’s progression. The second will explore the enablers and barriers in aspirations of secondary school students. The second branch also gives the opportunity to study and analyze the difference between boys and girls.

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As the head investigator, this project focuses on teachers of primary school children to improve teaching and assessment in science. This will include assessments but also evaluate the children’s attitude towards science and the lessons taught.

If you would like further information or get in touch with Tamjid, please contact her on:

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