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Professor Jawwad Darr

Biography: Jawwad Darr is professor of Materials Chemistry at UCL. His research group (CMTG – Clean Materials Technology Group), focuses on developing new materials for energy and related applications. Currently, this includes developing battery materials. >200 publications, h index 51.

Personal Website:

Contact Details: 


Telephone: 02076794345


Roles in UPSIGN:

  • Co-founder and former chairman of UPSIGN

  • Lead on strategy

  • Lead organiser of UCL annual UPSIGN event

  • Co-admin on whatsapp groups

  • Co-designer of website and branding

Pakistan Related Activities:

His networks and links have provided him the opportunity to engage with Pakistan on different levels.

These include:

  • Visiting professor at COMSATS IRC in Biomedical Materials since 2008.

  • Supported Pakistani PhDs and PDRA’s on study visits to my lab.

  • Delivered numerous talks to Pakistani universities.

  • Supported training and grant writing for Pakistani academics.

  • Developing capacity and training for renewable energy and energy storage in Pakistan.

  • Supporting HEC and Senior Pakistani academics on large science investments in Pakistan.

  • Part of the organising team for the Global Development Workhsops 2020

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