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Dr Muhammad Saghir



Dr Muhammad Saghir is a serial entrepreneur, a scientist and a chemical engineer with specialisation in production of energy and chemicals from biomass and waste resources through advanced thermochemical conversion technologies. He has completed his B Eng, PgD and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Birmingham and Aston University. He is currently employed at University of Birmingham as Research Fellow for European Union’s Horizon 2020 funded project called FlexJET (£10m) for sustainable aviation fuel at commercial scale. His current research interests include sustainable biofuels, bioenergy, bio-carbon to displace fossil carbon applications, bioplastics, water desalination, organic fertilisers, combined cooling, heat and power generation. He is an associate member of Institute of Chemical Engineers and an approved NEBOSH Health and Safety Manager in UK.


In the past he served as a Bioenergy Plant manager at European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) in Birmingham UK. During this appointment he was one of the key person to setup UK’s first fully integrated bio based cooling, heat and electricity production plant with further integration of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charging and discharging system. He has played professional role in many EU funded projects such as European Regional Development Fund (£16.5m) for setting up the Bioenergy plant and laboratories at EBRI, Interreg Bioenergy NW IVB project (£11m), Pyrogas project from IAAP, Energy Harvest project in India to name a few.

Dr Saghir is now exploring opportunities for waste to bioenergy technologies as described above to be deployed globally through his entrepreneurial activities as Director at European Biocarbon Conversion Technologies in Germany and at Eco Research Ltd in UK. Through these enterprises he has delivered engineering projects in Kuwait, Brunei Darussalam and Pakistan. He is always seeking partners and collaborators to develop new projects in EU, UK and around the globe.

Contact Details: 

Telephone: +447886608555

Role in UP-SIGN: 

Dr Saghir is an UPSIGN executive Member. 

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