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UPSIGN Whatsapp guidelines you are agreeing to

In joining our Whatsapp groups, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines below.  We strive to produce constructive conversations across the groups 

POINT 1:  LANGUAGE/POLITENESS: All posts MUST be in English please be polite and not make personal remarks or putdowns about the expertise of others to make a point.
POINT 2: NO LAZY POSTS: All posts or images or links MUST have a few words of explanation at least.
POINT 3: SECULAR+ NON POLITICAL: No religious or political posts AT ALL.  No posts on articles or petitions which are faith based or based on political causes  (see point 6)
POINT 4: SPAMMING?: Avoid spamming the group when you are talking to few persons, use minimal number of posts possible to make points.
POINT 5: CONSIDER SPECIALIST GROUPS INSTEAD?  Please use the correct group for  posts, e.g. see differnt topic groups on
POINT 6: RELEVANCY ? / NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING: Posts must be relevant to UPSIGN's and mission.   
POINT 7: ATTACHING FILES: Do not post/attach any copyrighted materials, CVs, academic papers, videos or large images (weblink share is preferred with an explanation)


Removal or Suspension of Whatsapp Group Members

UPSIGN admin can remove a person who ignores guidelines.  Where possible we will give them a chance to adhere to the guidelines. All decisions are final.

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