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Volunteering Opportunities for the Pakistani Diaspora


UPSIGN member, Moawia Bin-Sufyan has been an active volunteer since the age of 15 within his community. Over the years, he has been involved in various opportunities involving patient or care services, magistrate, and travel ambassador just to name a few.

The Pakistani diaspora has a unique set of skills and experiences which are sought after in voluntary positions. In this webinar, Moawia (chair), Madiha Sajid (co-chair) and panel members Khadija Stone JP, Muddassar Ahmed, and Rt Hon Peter Riddell talk about their experiences and highlight why it is so important for the Pakistani diaspora to get involved.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Make a positive change or impact which affect you or the community

  • Become a representative of your community

  • Bring a unique perspective (knowledge, skills, and experience)

  • Expand your network – meet new people

  • Gain new skills – enhance your CPD (continuing professional development)

  • Develop individually – some roles are mentally & emotionally challenging

  • Increase awareness – get more people involved

  • Help to breakdown unconscious biases

  • Lots of diverse roles – communicate and engage with different people at all levels


  1. Moawia Bin Sufyan (chair): @MoawiaBinSufyan

  2. Madiha Sajid (co-chair)

  3. Rt Hon Peter Riddell CBE: @_peterriddell

  4. Muddassar Ahmed: @MMuddassarAhmed

  5. Khadija Stone JP

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