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Professor Tariq Butt



Professor Butt leads the Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) group at Swansea University. The BANP group focus on: (1) development of biopesticides for control of invertebrate pests of socioeconomic importance such as crop pests and vectors of human and animal diseases, (2) searching for lead compounds from natural sources (e.g. plants, fungi) for development as biopesticides or therapeutics.

His research focuses on the development of biopesticides (entomopathogenic fungi, botanicals and semiochemicals) for pest control and the development of innovative strategies (e.g. lure and kill, stress and kill) which enhance their efficacy.  Professor Butt works closely with industry, helping in the development of biopesticide-based products including entomopathogenic fungi, semiochemicals, and novo fumigants.

Contact Details:

Telephone: (01792) 295374


Role in UP-SIGN: 

Professor Butt is the Co-lead for Agriculture & Nutrition

Pakistan Related Activities:

He is engaged with Pakistan at different levels:

  • Training of visiting academics in the production of entomopathogenic fungi and biocontrol of insect pests

  • Providing guidance in grant writing and experimental design

  • Collaborating or supporting projects linked to food security and human and animal health.


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