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Dr Farid Tariq


Farid works to meet increasing energy demands, commitments to carbon emissions and energy portability. This will be expedited through improving the ability to directly image energy devices at the highest resolutions, thereby providing insight into their operational failure. The unique methods he has helped have develop have enabled the imaging of these complex structures in 3D and then to accurately track failure, all in a quantifiable way. Therefore, through an understanding of the failure mechanisms present within energy storage devices one can begin to optimise and manufacture electrodes from the very start intelligently. In doing so, this provides an excellent opportunity to place the UK and Pakistan on the forefront of emerging energy technologies.  


It is important to provide critical information to non-experts in the field and the opportunity to open new links with other groups of people. Both of these are significant milestones to achieve if the UK and Pakistan is to be well placed to meet future energy concerns. 

Contact Details: 


Role in UP-SIGN: 

Dr Farid Tariq is both the Energy Co-lead and Entrepreneurship Lead.


Pakistan Related Activities: 

  • He Worked for Alstom Turbo-Power Generation, Toyota, Shell Global Solutions, Boeing all with energy focuses. Specialized in advanced 3D analysis of electrochemical devices (fuel cells, batteries, LIB, storage, emerging technology).

  • Has Held events for the engagement of youth including lectures for promoting science to the Asian community.

Desire to bring leading world-class techniques which I have developed to underprivileged people.

  • co-founder of Addionics Ltd developing brand-new smart batteries

  • Business Development and scaling energy devices for practical application  

  • Given training and courses to foreign nationals from south Asian countries in fuel cells

  • Developed new methods of understanding complex microstructures; basis of many grants

  • Delivered lectures in direction of emerging energy devices  

  • Published numerous papers, some books and holding patents


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