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Dr Khalid Mahmood


Dr Khalid Mahmood is an Innovation and partnership manager at Rothamsted and leads on Environment Futures Impact Lab project-multi partner including University of Exeter, Met Office, University of Plymouth. This is ERDF funded project focusing on big data science and environment futures.  He is leading discussion on developing new solutions to food security, nutrition, one health, climate change. He is very keen in adopting interdisciplinary approach to address sustainable food system challenges. He is advocating Rothamsted solutions to water pollution, soil health, plants, livestock and air quality. Khalid is trained as an agriculture economist with PhD from University of Gottingen Germany. He has previously worked with Royal Agricultural University and various other industry organizations including the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board .

Contact Details: 



Roles in UP-SIGN: 

He is both a Co-founder and chair of Up-Sign. He is also the Agriculture & Nutrition Co-lead.

Pakistan Related Activities: 

His networks and links have provided him the opportunity to engage with Pakistan on different levels.

These include:

  • Supporting Pakistani universities and researchers to develop research links.

  • Given numerous talks to Pakistani agriculture and science universities

  • Encourage innovation and enterprise links from UK 

  • Developing capacity and training for in food security, addressing issues of pests and disease affecting soil, plants, animals and humans

  • Supporting institutional links from UK and Pakistan

  • Working closely with British council, HEC, Punjab govt and new centres of excellence including digital agriculture, AI in health, biotechnology parks

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